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Candles & Diffuseres

Hanakago is inviting you to join us to make a delicate scented candle, to enjoy the experience of choosing your favor scent from our curated collection and hand pour your very own candle.


CLAB Baking Candle Certificate

1-day baking candle course, where you can learn how to swell and harden wax to create a variety of attractive bread designs. 


Korea IARA Candle Design Instructor Course 

5-days candle tutor course for International Aromatherapy research association (IARA).

You will learn useful formulas and techniques as a beginner and leave as a professional.


KNDA Korea Natural Design Association Soy Flower Candle Instructor Course

4-days soy flower candle design, you can learn ​the both soy cream recipe and flower piping technique to create an everlasting masterpiece.

Hastable Master Class Instructor Course

Hastable is making unique and beautiful candles through continuous research and development. Adding a modern sensibility to the natural beauty of a traditional candle, extend the candle craft to a wider area.

Hastable Leather Candles & Wax Tablet Course

1-day leather candles & wax tablet course, It has been established as an item that can stimulate sensibility as well as healing for many people, and interest is constantly increasing accordingly.

Hastable Paper Candle Course

1-day course .

Hastable Concrete Grain Diffusers Course

1-day course.

Japan Candle Association (JCA) Candle Artist Course

Focusing on basic theory and practical skills, with the purpose for cultivate candle artists.

Make your imagine style to be your unique candle!


Come along to one of our workshops to understand more about the different types of candles that are sold in Hong Kong, then learn the skills to make your own using natural soy and beeswax! This workshop will show you how to make beautiful container, floating and rolled candles. Choose from a variety of fragrances and dyes to personalize your very own candle range.