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Upcoming courses

See a list of upcoming courses and workshops below which are open for individual registration. Please note that registration may close up to 4 days before a course begins.


Scents of Christmas Workshop 2020

1) Christmas wreath arrangement with preserved flowers and dried flower from Japan. 

2) Christmas Candle Wax with dried flower and fragrance oil from U.S.A.

3) Gift box, tutor fee and materials included 

4) Pick up your scented candle at the same day

Price : HK$600 / person, 2 person 5% special off 

Things you need to know before you sign-up!

1. Enrollment in any session is on a "first come first served" basis. To confirm your place in the session by settle the payment.
2. Workshops are typically 3 hours.
3. If any client is absent or drops out for personal reasons, we DO NOT offer any make up classes, and we will NOT refund pro rata.
4. Hanakago all rights reserved.

email us or contact us +852 9664 1938 for more information and enrollment.

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