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Preserved Flower

We teach you how to make flower arrangements as beautiful as fresh one and will last longer.


Trial lesson (45 mins)

This is a one time Preserved Flower Arrangement class with different theme each time. It is perfect for trial, hobby, group gathering and getting familiar with arrangement technique, various design and style. Strongly recommended for non-experience students.


Basic lesson 

Preserved Flower course for beginner, this class is suitable for those who want to master the basics and fundamental technique of Preserved Flower Arrangement. The course consists of 3 lessons with duration of up to 1.5 hours for each lesson.


Wedding lesson

In this course you will you can use your favorite flower and make wedding items of your choice, which consist of bridal hand bouquet and boutonnière, garland, corsages, wristlet, ring pillow and welcome boards. You can make bouquets together with a groom, a bride, families or friends.

Aube Preserved Academy diploma and Instructor Course

The aim of this course is to help students practice and master the techniques necessary to create preserved flower arrangements and designs. There are 12 lessons to be completed for diploma course. Upon completion of diploma course, you can take 3 additional lessons to be registered lecturer in Aube.

Upon completion you will receive Diploma Certification from Aube Preserved Academy in Japan and enjoy the special offer for buying preserved flower and materials from them.

Japan Preserved Flower Association international diploma course

The international diploma includes all of the basics to professional that you need for preserved flower. An essential techniques of blooming method, gift arrangement, bouquets, gift wrap, in the course you will also learn how to repair, how to take care. There are 12 lessons to be completed for international diploma course.

Upon completion you will receive Diploma Certification from Japan Preserved Flower Association.

Flower Lumière certificate and diploma Course

This diploma course prepares you for a professional qualifications to be Preserved Flower Instructor. There are 24 lessons to be completed for diploma course. You may also take 6 lessons for beginning certificate, 6 lessons for Intermediate certificate and 12 lessons for advance certificate separately.

Upon completion you will receive Diploma Certification from Flower Lumière in Japan.


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